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Bride for a Night (Hqn)

Bride for a Night - Rosemary Rogers Ehhh, what can I say. This book started out interesting, and I really felt for Talia in the beginning of the book. Needless to say, it went downhill from there. I made it halfway through before I realized I was reading just to get it over with and decided to quit.

Talia and Gabriel met twice before the wedding and then once (briefly) on their wedding day. Then they had magical sexy time on their wedding night, and that was apparently enough to make them fall in love, even though Gabriel shipped Talia off to the country the very next morning, and they don't speak or see each other until he comes to rescue her in France.

He treats her poorly and calls her names that are supposed to be endearing, I guess. (Shrew? Mouse? Not endearing.) She loves him anyways. I don't quite know why.

Also, the author loved the word rasp as a dialogue tag. Thanks to Kindle search, I know it was used over thirty times. The book only has twenty-eight chapters, which means someone was rasping out dialog at least once a chapter. And it wasn't a habitual smoker, which I might have let go. There is a reason writers are warned to stick with "said." This is a case in point.