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The Way of Kings (The Stormlight Archive)

Different Suits - Carol Lynne Oy. Goodreads ate my first review, so this won't be as elegant as it would've been.

We listened to this as an audiobook. It's taken us nearly eleven months to go on enough road trips to finish the book.

I have great respect for authors who write epic fantasy. All of that world-building requires a great deal of skill, and Brandon Sanderson is quite good in this aspect. The world is rich and beautiful and detailed. The world is not the problem.

The problem is the characters. I didn't connect to a single one of them. Their stories were too long and too boring. I could summarize everything that happened to them in a few pages. The whole book could be finished in fifty pages. If you're going to drag a book to a thousand plus pages, I need to care deeply about the driving force behind the story, which should be the characters.

And if you're going to write a thousand-page book, you need to give me a proper ending. Not just the end of a random sentence. I spend over 45 hours listening to this book. The ending was terrible.

Overall, I doubt I continue in this series. I don't have a burning desire to figure out what happens next, and that is truly why I gave it three stars.