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Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 1)

Dark Lover - J.R. Ward 3 stars for the writing/plot. 0 stars for the names. Let's call it 2.5 overall.

This book is basically reader wish fulfillment. And that's fine, but don't expect a lot of surprises. Beth is barely described, well, other than "beautiful." I think she had dark hair. And a large bust. That's it.

The men are described in vivid detail. And their names... it kills me every time I read Phury or Tohrment or Zsadist (really stretching with that last one, aren't we?). Gahhh!! I cannot take these people seriously with names like that. At least Wrath was spelled normally.

As for the wish fulfillment, Beth is beautiful and all the men want her. She easily changes into a vampire (yes, there was an attempt at drama, but not a very believable one). Her father left her millions of dollars. She marries the king of the vampires. She gets kidnapped and doesn't get more than a slap before her man shows up to save her.

That being said, I liked the writing style. It was entertaining enough to keep me reading, even with the terrible names, so that's something.