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Lord of the Vampires (Harlequin Nocturne)

Lord of the Vampires - Gena Showalter I usually reserve 1 star ratings for books I DNF, but since it also means "did not like," I think it's appropriate here. I heavily skimmed the last two-thirds of the book, only finishing it because I thought some plot element might be needed for the next book in the series. The next book is written by a different author, which is why I didn't completely give up on the whole series.

Nicolai is overbearing. Jane, supposedly a scientist, is dumb and a doormat. Sex slaves (and therefore their rape as they are used against their will) and the potential rape of Jane are used as plot devices. The writing was not my favorite and almost felt too young, though with the amount of smut, this is definitely not a YA book.

I hate to say it, but I would be reluctant to pick up another Gena Showalter book after reading this one.