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Beauty Dates the Beast

Beauty Dates the Beast - Jessica Sims, Jill Myles More like 3.5 stars. I rounded up, because I really did enjoy this book, even with the issues I discuss below.

This was a fun, light, fast read. The funny back cover copy and a recommendation from an author I trust were enough incentive for me to give it a shot, and I'm glad I did.

The story was interesting and fast-paced, and I have to admit that I stayed up well past my normal bedtime to finish the book in one sitting. It's been a while since a book captured me that well.

I did have a couple issues with the story. While they are only minor spoilers, I'm going to put them in the spoiler tag, so read at your own risk.

Disclaimer: I tend to gloss over the good and really hit the things that annoyed me in my reviews, so take my list of issues below with a grain of salt.

While the romance surprisingly didn't feel rushed, even though a five day romance should seem highly rushed, I had a hard time believing that a 25-year-old virgin would sleep with what basically amounted to a complete stranger in less than a week.

Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but I'd find a more, ahh, experienced woman sleeping with a man she met five days ago a little fast, no matter how hot. For a virgin to do the same, especially when she knows he's using her for his "heat" problem, seemed a little unlikely.

My second issue was that Beau drugged and kidnapped Bathsheba, and then wouldn't tell her where they were or let her see her sister. I don't care how much it was for her protection, yadda yadda, that is completely not cool.

This scene happened maybe halfway through the book, so I had no real stake in Beau, and I was urging Bath to get the hell out of Dodge and not look back. The fact that she caved so easily made me lose a lot of respect for her.

My final issue was the end. I know it's pretty much required in UF/PR for the heroine go rushing into danger without consulting anyone who might have information that could help her. If the heroine can kick ass (think Kate Daniels), I find this pretty believable. When a normal human like Bath does it, I think she's an idiot.

After Beau extracts her from that mess, the book ends. It doesn't end in the middle of a sentence, but it felt like it did. I turned the page, expecting something to wrap up the story and found nothing. The only saving grace was the Kindle version had an excerpt from the next book, which picks up exactly where this book ended, so it gave a little more closure to the end.