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Shadow Ops: Control Point

Control Point - Myke Cole 2.5 stars. Way back in high school, I went on a huge military/spy book kick. I went through all of Clancy and Ludlum, plus a few others. Now, I mostly read urban fantasy. I was really looking forward to Control Point and hoping that it would be a perfect merger of military and UF, but it wasn't quite perfect.

From page one you are dropped straight into the action. Since it's been a while since I've read anything remotely military, it threw me for a bit until I got used to the jargon again. The pace stayed very strong, and except for Oscar's flip-flopping, the book was pretty much solid action.

I thought the first half of the book was better than the second, mostly because I wasn't a huge fan of Oscar in the second half of the book. Read below for my thoughts on why, though they are very spoiler-ish.

Theresa, the token love interest, seemed thrown in to be just that. She never really had time to develop very much as a character beyond her pretty face. Not unexpected in military fantasy, but I was hoping for more.

Oscar is a trained solider, yet when he Manifests, he runs. I get it. Self preservation is a very strong instinct. However, through the course of the book, no matter how stupid the decisions he makes, he never sees himself as a Selfer. He's the freaking definition: only thinking of himself. Sure, he cares about his Coven, but even that seems superficial.

He tries to justify it in the end by saying he's changing policy for the better, but at what cost? Hundreds, probably thousands, of lost lives, just because he got a raw deal. Even if he makes it better for the rest of the country, that is a steep, steep price, and one he was fine with because it saved his sorry ass.

By the last page I was kind of hoping he'd get taken out. No such luck, as this appears to be the first book in a series, and Oscar is the main character. Too bad, but perhaps he will redeem himself in future books. I'm just not sure I'll read them to find out.