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Second Sight (The Arcane Society, Book 1)

Приключенията на Том Сойер - Mark Twain, Марк Твен I've heard the term wallpaper historical before, and now I'm going to invent a new term just for this book: wallpaper paranormal.

This book had the potential to be really interesting: a historical romance with paranormal elements. Yay! Instead, the world building was so feather-light as to almost be nonexistent, both on the historical romance side and the paranormal side. The romance felt rushed and the mystery was resolved with almost no help from the main characters.

I did like Venetia quite a lot, but I thought her decision to marry Gabriel was rather unbelievable based on the rest of the book.

Also, can we please all agree that "psychical" is a truly terrible word? I don't care that it's in the dictionary. It's still terrible.