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Cinder: Book One in the Lunar Chronicles

Cinder - Marissa Meyer Overall, I give the book four stars. It is a fairly charming retelling of Cinderella set in an interesting world. However, I give the ending two stars. Maybe one star.

I really liked the writing style. It didn't read like standard YA, and for me, at least, that is a good thing. The angst level was reasonable. The romance was handled well and the dreaded love triangle didn't make an appearance.

I loved the fact that Cinder was a mechanic.

The world-building was interesting, if sometimes outlandish. Cyborgs? Check. Androids? Check. A different species with psychic powers living on the moon and just waiting for an opportunity to take over Earth? Err... check.

I realize with series books, especially YA series books, something must be left unresolved. However, it seems like everything was left unresolved here. The ending, 387 pages in, was nothing I did not expect from page 44. I was really enjoying the book until I realized, on page 380, that nothing would be resolved this book. That just made me angry.