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Alchemystic (A Spellmason Chronicle)

Alchemystic - Anton Strout DNF. I wanted to love this book. The blurb made it sound like it had such potential. But I waded through ~118 pages and I'm done. This book was so bad it should've been a parody:

Spoiled, whiny rich-girl lead? Check.
Blue-haired, artsy dancer best friend? Check.
Nerdy guy that loves D&D and is awkwardly included in the group? Check.
Overbearing parents? Check.
Religious zealot father? Check.
Fragile, emotional mother? Check.

These characters were like caricatures of themselves. None of them have any depth. I really wanted to punch Alexandra straight in the mouth and tell her to grow up. The last straw was when she finally learns about Stanis and decides to start messing around with him and magic without knowing the potential consequences, all because she thought her sorry ass needed more protection. Argh.