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Lord of Scoundrels

Lord of Scoundrels - Loretta Chase I loved this book. I had a few issues with it, which I'll discuss below, but it didn't even matter because I couldn't stop reading. I read it in one sitting. Jessica is my favorite heroine in quite a while.

The banter and repartee were well done. I enjoyed the writing, but I could've done with less "he could lift her with one hand" and "she tasted of rain." I swear those phrases are used ad nauseum.

Usually I write reviews right after I finish the book, but it's been about a week since I finished Lord of Scoundrels and I'm just now getting to the review. That means that I've had extra time to reflect and find fault. I'm not taking off any stars for the following, but here are the issues I had on reflection:

Dain is a rake in both name and deed. I prefer my rakes more on the name-only side, especially once the heroine shows up. Because who wants someone whose wick has been dipped in every, err, candle in Paris? Terrible metaphor aside, eww.

Dain is also a drama queen with body-image issues. Some of it is understandable, maybe, but he's a highly successful grown man. You'd think he'd have found some confidence along the way.

The whole plot with the kid at the end was meh.