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The Chaos of Stars

The Chaos of Stars - Kiersten White I don't usually read YA, but I make an exception for Ms. White, because I like her blog. So take the review with a grain of salt, because this isn't my usual genre.

I really liked this book. Yes, Isadora was angsty and emotional, but she never came across as unlikable. She seemed very much like a teen in that awkward stage between child and adult.

I could've actually done without the romance, but I realize cute boys sell books these days. And it wasn't too over-the-top, but there weren't too many surprises, either.

The plot was straightforward, with the ending pretty plain from the beginning, but this is YA, so maybe that's the norm.

Using Egyptian mythology was interesting, especially blending it into a modern story.

Overall, I thought it was lovely and poignant. A story of growing up, leaving the nest, and realizing just how much your family means to you.