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How to Lose a Bride in One Night: Forgotten Princesses

How to Lose a Bride in One Night - Sophie Jordan More like 2.5 stars. Maybe. It was entertaining, but the plot was entirely too contrived. Like ridiculously:

1. Annalise is thrown overboard by her husband on their wedding night. Suspicious much?
2. She breaks her lame leg. (A lucky break indeed.)
3. She doesn't drown even though she's unconscious in a swift moving, freezing river.
4. She loses a bunch of weight while recovering and also loses her appetite permanently so she doesn't gain it back when she's well. Now she has a brand new svelte figure.
5. Her broken leg is set by a gypsy and heals perfectly so she no longer has a limp.
6. Her husband isn't in mourning and no one thinks that's odd.
7. Owen falls for her and she cleanses his dark soul, or some such nonsense. Yay for the power of love.
8. She goes back to her husband, alone, after he tries to kill her again (TSTL).
9. Her husband's other love interest shoots him in the head, thus ridding her and Owen of his complicating presence in the plot.
10. The end.

And I think Annalise had the moistest lips on the planet. Kindle search showed "moistened" was used nineteen times, all of them referring to her lips. It seemed like more. Knocked me out of the story every time.