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Wool Omnibus (Wool, #1-5)

Wool Omnibus (Wool, #1-5) - Hugh Howey This book is a compilation of five WOOL "books." They range in length from short novella to a short book. These books put the dystopia in dystopian fantasy.

I really liked books one and two. They were interesting and original, with good pacing despite (because of?) their short length.

Book three is the book that hooked me. I flew through books three and book four. Both were excellent.

Book five I had some issues with. It was the longest book of the series, and it showed. The pacing was uneven. One scene in particular threw me completely out of the story due to its implausibility. It was the scene where she ran out of air underwater, took her helmet off, filled her suit with water, and yet miraculously survived by breathing air trapped under the stairs. Um, no.

As book five rushed to the end, I felt some of the decisions made by the main character(s) were downright stupid. I realize these things probably needed to happen to setup the next series of books, but they didn't feel genuine.

Overall the series was quite good, refreshingly original, and worth checking out.